3. Basic literacy for women, Austria, August 2021

3. Basic literacy for women, Austria, August 2021

The event will be held in Vienna (AT) at the end of the project - August 2021.

BLICK and FFB will organize the workshop to:

  • Present the Project results;
  • Inform about the innovation developed in the project;
  • Produce a critical thinking on the topic “innovative tools for adult learning basic literacy”;
  • Ensure the project sustainability and boost multiplier character;
  • Enhance the transferability of project outcomes to other knowledge areas; and
  • Create new knowledge and share it among target groups. For that the event will be an workshop aiming to present the both intellectual outputs "Learnable Reading Tool" - LRT and LRT Mentors' Handbook.

It will includes 2 sessions:

  1. SESSION 1 - presentation of the project and its results, will includes presentations (ppt.) of the project, intellectual outputs, story of implementation - lessons to learn;
  2. SESSION 2 - practical session that will allows participants to effectively install and use the LRT on phones. The workshop addressee to both project target group:
    •  ILLITERATE WOMEN, (defined by UNESCO as: population aged 15 years and over who cannot read and write with understanding a short simple statement on his/her everyday life), especially women from disadvantaged groups such as Roma, migrants or refugees with very low basic literacy skills - named in project "i-Read learner women" 
    •  MENTORS WHO WILL support ILLITERATE WOMEN TO ACHIEVE BASIC LITERACY (who may be family members, friends), who can read/write and know how to use the mobile phone; being willing to help the learners - named in project "i-Read mentor women" To the workshop will participate also experts in the adult education, self-development, psychotherapy, migrants integration, experts from Romanian Ministry of Education, Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration, etc.

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